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Out of the Box - Fibre Artists
Out of the Box - Fibre Artists
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Almonte Fibrefest
The annual Fibrefest hosted by the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte is being held on September 9 & 10, 2017.

OOTB operates the booth to showcase the variety of art created by our members. Volunteers set up and take down the display and are available to meet visitors to talk about what we do. Unfortunately, the art here is not for sale.

Separate from this display several members of OOTB have purchased a vendor's booth together. Participating members share the cost of the vendor's booth, take turns looking after the booth and also help with set up and take down. No commission is collected from participants but everyone who participates agrees to do their part in staffing the booth and helping with set up and take down. If you have any questions email us at:

Visit the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum website for location and hours of operations visit: http://mvtm.ca/fibrefest-2016/

Stittsville Library Show
November 1,2017 – November 30. 2017, Theme - 'Canadian Landmarks'

Fibre Fling 7 - coming April 2018
Out of the Box Fibre Artists and the Kitchissippi United Church have collaborated for several years with an textile art show and sale for a fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Out of the Box members bring the art and the tea is hosted by the Kitchissippi church ladies.

  • Location: Kitchissippi United Church, 630 Island Park Drive, Ottawa
  • Hours: Friday 10 am-8 pm and Saturday 10 am-5 pm. Admission is $5.
    High Tea will be available on Saturday for an additional $10.

Shenkman Arts Centre – TBA
For a few years, Out of the Box had the opportunity showcase our art in the display case in the lobby of the Shenkman Art Gallery. The display is for one month, usually in August. For the venue location and hours visit: http://shenkmanarts.ca/en/aboutus_apropos/hours_heures/index.htm

Individual Member Exhibits
       This area is for members who are exhibiting or participating in an exhibit.

Exhibitions of Interest to Members
      Any other exhibitions of interest.

Exhibition Archives

  • 2017 Colour Unboxed, Fibre Fling 6, Stittsville Library – Canadian Landscape, Shenkman Arts Centre
    Click on icons below to view photo galleries
    Fibre Fling link to Youtube Videos Fibre Fling link to Youtube Videos Fibre Fling link to Youtube Videos

  • 2016 Fibre Fling 5, Stittsville Library, Shenkman Arts Centre
    Fibre Fling link to Youtube Videos

  • 2015 Fibre Fling 4, Stittsville Library, 'First Lines of A Book', Shenkman Arts Centre
    Link to Fiber Fling 4 Virtual Tour 2015
    Watch the video footage - Fiber Fling 4
  • 2014 Fibre Fling 4, Stittsville Library, '1914'

Stittsville Library show

This year OOTB will have a show again at the Stittsville Library for the month of November. The theme this year is "Canadian Landmarks". You can interpret this however you like. Pieces can be any size as long as no side is longer than 24 inches. And you can use any technique as long as there is some fibre included. Please have your piece ready to hang with wire if it is hard mounted or a rod if it is soft mounted. No alligator clips please because they don't hang well at the library. Three dimensional pieces are also a possibility because we have a glass display case. Pieces are to be brought to the October OOTB meeting. I will send out an email before November asking for information for the label cards to be put on your work. I have a few volunteers but could still use another for hanging work up on November 1st and for takedown November 30th. Time to be determined but probably early afternoon. Preparing something for this show is a nice way to practise for a larger show. Let me know if you think you will be making something for the show.

If you have any questions email me at: connietbATsympatico.ca

Kanata Quilt Show Poster

Click to view larger poster
Kanata Quilt Show Poster


On Monday, April 24th, Sandy Goldsmith led OOTB members on an interesting journey into the world of "Peyote Triangles"..

The session began with an overview of Sandy's approach for the day. She provided books and samples of some finished earings and necklaces and reviewed the materials we would be using. The members learned to stitch versatile beaded triangles using peyote and herringbone techniques. Connect them to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Change the bead numbers or sizes and watch a new shape develop. Change up the colour combinations and patterns for an endless variety of creations.

1 2 3 4

All the members who participate in that Playdate would agree to say, it is very fun, but also challenging. The beginning of the pattern is the most difficult part; once the pattern starts to appear in your hands, things get easier, and this is the most reward moment.

Watch the Youtube interviews from Fibre Fling 5.

Fibre Fling link to Youtube Videos

Thank to all Members

"Members; thank you for responding to the call to supply projectors for the use at OOTB functions. We now have a list of 4 members who are able to supply us with the use of projectors. Pat Hard ie will continue to bring and set up her projector for regular meetings workshops."

Marbling Playdate

On November 23, a group of us got together at Kitchissippi United Church to take part in a workshop on marbling. Three OOTB members (Rita Rottman, Helen Gordon and Lynn Ruff) generously taught 15 students three different methods of marbling on fabric and paper.
It was a busy day!

  • image001
  • image002
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  • image004
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  • image006
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  • image008
  • image009
  • image010
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Rita had prepared all the required items for marbling with acrylic paint using a tray of carrageenan solution and fabrics and paper prepared with alum. This was probably the messiest method of the three, but it gave the biggest results. It was fascinating to watch the paint spread as we dropped it into the carrageenan (a thick slurry of water and seaweed derivatives). Each colour would push the previous one out of the way, so the last colour used became the most dominant one. The design could be further developed by combing or swirling the paint on the surface. (For more info on this method, check out the DVD by Jo Fitsell in the OOTB library.)

Helen had fun with shaving cream marbling.  A tray was filled with about an inch of shaving cream and we used a squeegee to make a smooth surface.  Various paints and inks were dropped onto it and then manipulated to create the design.  Fabric and paper was printed directly on the surface.  It picked up some of the cream which had to be scraped off, but the colour left incredible designs. 

At Lynn’s station we learned about marbling with alcohol inks.  She had a good range of different papers and inks for us to use.  The inks were dropped into a shallow pan of water and each bath could be used a few times to give very different (and unpredictable) results. 

A big part of the success of this session was the experience the leaders brought to it.  They had used the different methods and shared many samples of their results.  I liked seeing how the different materials reacted and it really inspired me to get out of my box.  Thank you, Rita, Helen and Lynn! 


Out of the Box has again organized three members' Playdates for the fall and winter of 2017/18. The dates, topics and leader member(s):


Framing Play date with Marie Anzai

Framing Play date
Have you ever wanted to make a frame to fit your art rather than having to go and buy the size off the shelf?

Try your hand at making your own frames and/or refurbish the ones you already have. Marie will have mitres, saws and clamps so that you can make your own small frame. Learn a quick, efficient way of stretching your canvas on this new frame. We will also experiment with paints, tissue paper and PVA glue to re-use your old frames. An opportunity to play – and have your pieces always finis.


Make felt bowls using the balloon method. With Lynn Keeler


Art knitting & crochetting with Lorie Schinko

This is a course for learning the basic principles of wool width, according to needle size, measurements and creative combinations of yarns. The knitting is only knit and purl-the yarn does the work of making textures and visual stimulation to make one of a kind items. We will learn a formula of various yarn combinations and needle size, and how many stitches per inch in order than persons can make a successful customised pattern for cardis,hats skirts and capes. We will discuss including crocheting with knitting for 1 garment,using the formula she will give out to the participants.

What is a Playdate?

A Playdate is a date with your artistic self. It is an opportunity for our members to gather, practice art and share ideas. Each Playdate starts with a practice exercise led by an OOTB member. The exercise consists of design, creativity and techniques that the Playdate leader uses in his or her art. Playdate participants can choose to participate in the exercises, or work on their own projects.

Where, How Many,Time and Cost

Playdates take place at the Kitchissippi United Church Hall, located at 630 Island Park Drive in Ottawa. There is free parking in designated areas and members can bring a lunch to eat in a communal kitchen. Coffee, tea and milk are provided throughout the day.

  • Playdate days start at 9:30 am and finish at 3:30pm
  • The cost of each session is $10.00 per Playdate or $25.00 for three. The Playdate leaders donate their time and expertise and allow us to use their materials; therefore, there maybe a small material fee between $5 and $10 to replace any materials Playdate participants use.
  • OOTB policy is that fees are non-refundable but members may find another member or non-member to take their place.

You can register for Playdates at the monthly members meeting or by emailing Veronique Lapierre at verolapierre1205@gmail.com

OOTB Program and Workshops


AUGUST 21, 2017

  • TBD
  • Members show and tell.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

  • Guest speaker, Gunnel Hag, Toronto, Ont. Printer, dyer and colour artist and teacher.
    Registration is now open for non- members.
  • Members show and tell.

OCTOBER 16, 2017

  • Members show and tell.

NOVEMBER 20, 2017

  • TBA
  • Members show and tell.




The second workshop in our 20th Anniversary celebration. We are very lucky to spend two full days with Gunnel in a beautiful parkland atmosphere. We will learn how to design cloth by manipulating texture and colour with the goal of establishing our own unique designs.

Description : Colour Vie, two day workshop using Colour Vie pigments. Participants will learn techniques to create personal unique designs on fabric. Each day will consist of six hours of instruction and time for students to practice. Our water based pigments are ideal for creating any fabrics by stamping, block printing, painting, stenciling, sponging and spraying and dyeing are just a few techniques. Gunnel Hag studied textile design in Sweden and England. She taught in the Textile Studio at Sheridan College for 12 years and has been a visiting lecturer at the National Institute of Design in Ahmadabad, India. Her fabrics have been represented at International Design exhibitions and she has received many grants and awards for her work.

Gunnel has published two books: Creating Texture and Creating Texture: Soft Texture.
See more on her web site and her new work on her blog. www.colourvie.com & http://gunnelhag.blogspot.ca

Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17th. 9:30 - 4:00 pm
Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre,
300 des Peres-Blancs Ave,

Maximum 15 participants.
Cost: $175.00 Registration starts at Monday, June 19th meeting. Pay be cheque or cash.
More info, contact Lynn Keeler at anottawagirlATyahoo.ca

Please remember to wear your nametag at all meetings.

All images on this site are copyrighted by their respective artists. Reproduction of any kind is prohibited without written authorization.

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