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Out of the Box - Fibre Artists
Out of the Box - Fibre Artists
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Connie ten Bruggenkate

My primary activity is creating my own fabric.  I take white cotton/silk and use textile paint and dye (mostly natural) and various surface design techniques.   Examples of surface design techniques I like to use are stamping with my own hand carved stamps, printing with natural objects such as leaves and monoprinting. Or I like to take commercial fabric and alter it in some way to create a new fabric – this could be putting scraps together to make a new surface or using textile paint on it to change it.

Then I like to take my fabrics and use them in my projects.  My projects so far include wall hangings, book marks, card holders and purses.  My inspiration has been designs from nature but I also like abstract art derived from my Zen drawings.  It is important to me to use non-toxic, recycled and environmentally friendly materials to make my art.





Leaf Window
Leaf Window - 12 X 12"
Taino Moon Goddess
Taino Moon Goddess - 13" X 14"

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