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Out of the Box - Fibre Artists
Out of the Box - Fibre Artists
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Garrie Bea Joyce

Studio: 483 Denbury Ave. Ottawa, ON K2A 2N6
Phone: 613.728.5012

I am delighted to share with you a few of my recent paintings. I have been an artist all my life having formally trained in a wide range of studio practices at Mount Allison University (BFA-major in print making and sculpture). Teaching visual art in a wide range of media/methods for 31 years also honed my abilities to think clearly and express simply the art principles I use and explore.

I am a curious person who enjoys the engagement and stimulation of taking or giving art workshops. Aside from keeping life fascinating, each teacher leaves a little imprint on my own art making which in turn I pass on to those who see my art.

I hope you notice the subtle, quiet colours of a Wabi Sabi approach (thank you Suzanne Warren Powell and Katherine Chang Liu), the Zen gestural marks (thank you Andy Kay and Fran Skiles) and the movement to incorporate fibres and fabric influences (many to thank from Out Of The Box group). It is my wish that you both glance quickly at the work but also linger a bit to share the joy of subtle nuances creating throughout the art work that I share here with you.

If I can transfer to the viewer on an intuitive level the exhilaration I feel while creating the work, then I consider that piece a success. Solo/Duo


  • "New Paths", Mississippi Mills Public Art Galleries, Almonte, 2015
  • "Joyful Expressions", Francesco's Coffee Co/Gallery, Ottawa, 2013

Recent Group Shows:

  • "Workshop WORKS", Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs California, May 2015
  • "Fibre Fling" Ottawa, April 2013-2015
  • "Out Of The Box Group Show", Shenkman Art Centre, Orleans, Feb 2015
  • "Fibre Fest 2014", Almonte, Sept, 2014
  • "D'OMMA Show", Ottawa Mixed Media Artists, 2010, 2012, 2015

Juried Exhibitions:

  • "Ottawa Art Expo", Ottawa, October, 2009-2013
  • "W.E.S.T.", (West End Studio Tour), Ottawa, 2006-2011
  • "Woven", Almonte Textile Museum, July, 2011


Dancing Enzo, Subtle Enzo, Hidden Merlot
Dancing Enzo, Subtle Enzo,
Hidden Merlot
Emerging Thought
Emerging Thought
Handed Down, 1932 Purity Shortbread
Handed Down,
1932 Purity Shortbread
Inspired Day
Inspired Day
From the Air II
From the Air II
From the Air II
Just after hanging the show...
slits for eyes..tee hee

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